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We at Ayrshire Events provide race nights that are an exciting, fun and a great form of entertainment and an excellent way of raising funds for whatever your charity or fundraising event may be. Why not incorporate the race night into your next corporate event?
We can supply all the equipment needed to run a successful race night, the races, big screen, projector,race night decor/props, sound system, tote tickets, rosettes and professional race night compere.

We are happy to provide you if you wish with a various selection of races during the night including horse racing, flat jump racing, pig races, camel races, dog races and even sheep.

 Your Race Night can assist you in raising funds or awareness for various causes :-



  - All types of sports and football club associations.
  - Raising funds for Pre Charity Events.
  - Churches, Schools and Parent Teachers associations
  - Scouts, Boys Brigade, Girl Guides and Cubs.
  - BNI groups, Rotary Clubs and Round table.
  - Local adult learning and pre school or childrens nursery groups.
  - Raising funds for local professional or amateur sports individuals .

    In fact a race night can be used for anything where you may

    require to raise funds for.


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How to run a successful and profitable race night:-


The Horse races

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On the evening of the race night we will be able to guide you through a mininum of 8 races with the 8th race being a bonus race where we could auction the horses. There are 8 horses in each race, some of the races will be on the flat and some will be over the jumps. Each race will be picked from random so that no one knows who the winner is before the race commences.

Tote table & winnings


We will supply the tote tickets for your race night. Each race will have eight set of tote tickets,you will then sell the tote tickets off before each race, then the total sales for that race is calculated from which a % will go to the club,group,charity,school and so on of your choice, the remainder will be divided against the winning tickets. We are also able to supply rosettes at a small cost for the winning horse owners and jockeys. The price of your betting tote tickets on your race night is down to you, most of our past race nights the tickets have cost £1.00

The higher you set your ticket prices the greater the money raised on the night.

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Further Race night ideas


We suggest that you get each of the eight races sponsored by local companies before your race night takes place, e.g. Race 1. Kindly Sponsored By..Joe Blogs Quality Motors...On confirmation of you booking your race night we will then send you a program with all the races on, all Races/Horses and Jockeys will be blank. Also before your race night you could sell ownership of each Race(E.g £10/20 + Bottle) and the Horses(E.g £3 or £5 to give them the opportunity Name your very own Horse).


Why not collect all the losing tickets after each race has been run and draw a ticket at random to obtain a free drink at the bar..So even the unsuccessful punters have a chance of winning something.

Auction Race to round off the Evenings race card


To add even more fun and excitement to your race night and make extra money for your fundraising event, run the eighth race as an auction race. Everyone has a chance to place bids on each of the eight horses of the next race and the highest bidder wins the horse, once again the charity or group takes a percentage of the money and the rest of the winnings go to the winner.This can turn out to be a very exciting and profitable race.

Dont just take our word for it here are just some of our recent Feedback from our  Race Night clients.


" Thank you for running our "Race Night" at the Sports Bar @ Kilmarnock Football club. We all had a good time, and raised over £1700 for the clubs Youth Development funds and above all were grateful for your helpful assistance. If any of your clients want a recommendation tell them to contact me. 

Wullie Fisher " (Kilmarnock Football Club Youth Development)"


" Hi David thanks very much for supplying us with a Interactive Race Night on Friday night at the Irvine Water Sports Club.It was a huge success, and everyone had a ball. We raised over £1300 on the night which is brilliant, and will go a long way to helping Sarah get to Malawi and some left over for SKIP the charity organisation she is going with. If i know of anyone looking for a DJ or Entertainment I will certainly give them your number. 
Once again thanks " (Sally Brown,Irvine)"

" On behalf of all the staff here at Glenbrae I just wanted to drop you an email to say thank you for eveything at our  Interactive Race Night last Friday. We were delighted with the amount of money we made for various charities and just wanted to say thanks to you because we feel you made the night what it was. We've all been to other race nights and have never found one to be as fun as yours was. The interactive races with the people in attendance were a great touch. Thank you for all the effort you put in " (Nicola Forbes - Glenbrae Veterinary Clinic, Bearsden Glasgow.)


All new for 2012/13 - Interactive Race Nights with Pull along Sheep Racing

"Ewe" will wonder why you never thought of it before.
Lets us guide you through an evening of fun and laughter with our Woolly Sheep Racing perfect for any fundraising event
and is suitable for all ages young and  old.
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Are you looking for something different to entertain you guests at your fund raising event, then why not try our interactive race nights incorporating our cute and cuddly pull along sheep complete with crazy interactive fun?

Let us supply you with full  night of entertainment for your fund raising evening or corporate entertainment with a mixture of madly addictive pull along Sheep or Horses and interactive fun and games.
The sheep (or horses if that is  your requirement) we use are not of the woolly type found in the countryside but  that of model sheep smartly dressed in woolly jackets and are used in an  exciting and unique form of entertainment which incorporates your guests  participation throughout the evening and is suitable for all ages young and  old.
Sheep Racing How does it  all Work?

Each race has four woolly sheep  models which will be lined up in there individual pens and raced on a straight  5m race field. Your participant's will be invited to choose a sheep and become  the sheep handler in which he will race against the other sheep handlers in a  race of speed and skill.

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Each sheep handler is given a  jockey bib which matches there chosen numbered sheep and positions him or herself on the chair facing away from his sheep.

When the race is called to start  the sheep handlers will then race each other turning there apparatus as quick as  they can to enable there sheep to manoeuvre over the floor as quick as they can  with the winner being the sheep first over the finish line.


Your evening would normally consist of eight races run throughout the evening along with various other interactive fun and games followed

by a disco at no extra cost to allow you to let your hair after a hard day at the races.

Give us a call today to discuss your requirements, we look forward to hearing from you.

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